Churches start to open back up

Churches start to open back up

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Norfolk Daily News | by Ron Petersen | May 16, 2020

The coronavirus has prevented people around Nebraska and around the world from leaving home to attend church services, but churches are being allowed to have patrons back in the church services with a few restrictions.

That doesn’t mean all churches around the area are opening their doors right away, though.

Among those that opened on Mother’s Day weekend was LifePoint Church in Norfolk was, allowing families to come together not just at home but also at church services.

“It was awesome. It was definitely a strange environment because people were staying 6 feet away from each other after they hadn’t seen each other after a few months,” said Chris Winegar, pastor at LifePoint Church. “The one thing I didn’t realize that I had missed in the last two months was a room of people singing together. It was really awesome.”

LifePoint and Christ Lutheran Church were among a few churches around Norfolk that started to open up again as they followed the Elkhorn Logan Valley Health Department guidelines.