Return2Worship offers this sample letter for citizens to send to their pastors to encourage them to take a bold stand and reopen their church. Feel free to use as it, or to modify according to your purposes. #ChurchesAreEssential


I am writing you today because there is a dangerous trend occurring in America towards those who follow the Lord. It is no coincidence our church doors have been closed, our gatherings ceased, this is how persecution begins. It starts small, with an excuse people can buy into, but swiftly begins to morph and grow until people are forced into hiding if they dare call themselves a follower of Christ. We need only look to the persecution of Christians worldwide for an understanding of how dangerous it is to lose our rights.

Recently, the Governor of Illinois stated Christian Churches May Not Reopen for a Year. Do you think he will be the only one? Do you believe your Governor will not also attempt to keep your doors closed for months, possibly longer? How will your flock survive without a shepherd? Have they not already grown weary and anxious, fearful and confused? How would another 12 months affect them? Do you dare take that chance?

I am praying for you to stand against this evil and open the doors to your church. On Friday, May 22, President Trump issued a statement that all churches should be allowed to open. There is no longer any legal reason for the doors of the House of God to remain closed.

Pastor’s responsibility is to feed their flocks, to motivate and encourage their congregations, to lay hands on and pray for those who need help and to be the light in the midst of darkness. Keeping doors locked to people who need prayer, motivation, encouragement and guidance is not leading but following. Churches are to be the city set upon a hill, a city for people to run to for hope and strength. But, if the city is barred and locked to those who are searching, individuals have nowhere to run and no hope to cling to.

I again urge you to prayerfully consider opening your doors regardless of what the governing officials and media are saying. It is time to take a stand and be bold, be the tip of the spear.

Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.” -Acts 5:29

There is a movement beginning to reopen churches and Return 2 Worship. Please consider being one of the churches to open your doors.

Thank you for your time,