Return 2 Worship

Return 2 Worship

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Return 2 Worship

Save the Persecuted Christians encourages Americans to go to their church on Sunday and pray, even if the doors are locked. American Christians must make known their desire to return to worship—real worship, not virtual.

Religious freedom is under attack in America. Churches are being treated differently than secular institutions. It is unconstitutional, unequal treatment and it must not stand.

American Christians longing to return to worship but coming up against emergency directives and facing criminal charges, need only look to the growing devastation wrought upon Christians by Muslims in Pakistan, Hindus in India, and Communists in China. Big Government secularists—the globalists and socialists—are actively targeting Christians in America right now.

This is not a slow slide. We’re loosing our freedoms in an avalanche of abuse.

In some states, religious worship has been marginalized and labeled non-essential. Pastors and church staff across America have been ticketed, fined and arrested for gathering with social distancing in place. In California, Christians are being told what music is allowed in their virtual services—percussion only, no wind instruments or singing. Abortion clinics, liquor stores and pot shops are open for business, but churches must remain closed. The scheduled openings for many church are being relegated to the back of the line, warns religious freedom advocate Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, with some governors saying it may be a year or more before they are allowed to open.

It’s not only our freedom to worship and assembly at stake. These unconstitutional measures hit at the heart of who we are as Christians. Churches are so much more than a place to hear God’s Word and give Him praise. Churches are also hubs of family and social services. To strip the country of these communities is to rip out foundations of support for some of America’s most vulnerable citizens. By closing churches, Big Government advocates are moving to usurp – or, in some cases, simply deny the needy – the charitable activities of Christian communities.

In two months time, we have experienced socialism, been fed propaganda, lost jobs and livelihoods. Now, we face increased surveillance, RFID chips, GPS-tracking, Covid travel documents, forced vaccines, endless shutdowns and ongoing unequal treatment of churches. Meanwhile, suicides, drug use, and domestic violence are going up. Our society is reeling.

American Christians must defend their right to gather and worship without government interference, or risk loosing their freedoms permanently to government overreach and unconstitutional regulation. Get your family and your friends and go back to church this Sunday. If your church is still closed, go anyhow. Return to worship and pray outside of your closed church—safely and with proper social distancing. Make it known that our churches are essential and our rights will not be trampled!