The assault on Christendom

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Center for Security Policy | Frank Gaffney | July 27, 2020

Yesterday, the new prime minister of France led his nation’s commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the martyrdom of Father Jacques Hamel, whose throat was slit by two jihadists as he said Mass. Given the recent, full-on assault on churches across that country, though, it is becoming increasingly clear that the real target of such Sharia-supremacists is not just believers and their houses of worship, but Christendom, itself.

As it happens, this problem is not confined to France. The Marxists doing business at the moment as the Black Lives Matter organization and Antifa have attacked and desecrated churches, their stained glass windows and statues portraying so-called “White Jesus.”

The fact that many state and local officials have seized on the pandemic to prevent Christian congregations from worshipping together is intensifying the sense that the faith is under siege worldwide.

Paging President Trump.

This is Frank Gaffney.